Finding a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Los Angeles

Sexual harassment often crosses with bullying and emotional abuse. It can often be identified through a repeated pattern of subtle interactions, but also blatant ones as well. Verbally, an offender may use aggressive language toward a victim, especially in regards to sexuality or appearance, or make vulgar comments. Apart from verbal harassment, there may also be physical harassment, which could includes any sort of touching in an unwarranted and inappropriate manner. If you find yourself dreading going to work because of such a hostile work environment, you need to find a supportive sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles to be on your side.

Take Note of All Interactions

If you feel as though you are being sexually harassed either at school, in the workplace, or in any other inappropriate setting, then it is time to consider hiring a supportive sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. While this city is full of amazing opportunities for students, young professionals and more established professionals, there are still circumstances in which offenders try to take advantage and override unseen barriers. It could be beneficial for your case to maintain a log and write down as much information as possible when you experience instances of harassment - what happened, when it happened, who was there, who heard or saw it. To recall every detail you possibly can, as in location, person, circumstance, and what was said or done, would benefit you for your case, and also help us as your attorneys to understand what measures we might need to take to protect you from further psychological harm as we work on your case.

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Why Offenders Choose These Approaches

In situations of workplace harassment, offenders are often looking to take and maintain control. Feeling as though they are allowed to talk to or touch another person in inappropriate ways without consequences makes them feel as though they have power. If you feel as though you have found yourself in a situation where you have been sexually harassed, it is important to speak up. Don’t let anyone try to take your power from you.  It is understandable that you may need time to process all that has happened. It makes it all the more difficult, and painful, if you have spoken up to a supervisor or employer who has been hesitant to accept or even hostile to the information you have given them. In this case it is time to find a sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles to help right the wrong that you have experienced.

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